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Las Vegas stunning facts

Las Vegas

A surprising side to Las Vegas that not many people know about

Behind the glittering big casinos, non-stop nightlife, and millions of tourists who visit, Las Vegas awakens the international imagination of a big city. Who knows, this city only has a population of 600 thousand people and has a unique side of a small town that is known only to local residents.

“Obviously, if in Vegas Monday afternoon we can still party like in the 1999 era,” said Thomas Schneider, CEO of the Vegas Jets, who decided to move from Toronto after vacationing in the city one time.

“But make no mistake, don’t think living in Vegas means partying like a tourist every day. This assumption is wrong. ”

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“The area on the outskirts of Vegas is beautiful and actually quite kid-friendly too. In essence, there are many other activities to do in Vegas such as boating or hiking. The attraction of this city is not only on the Las Vegas Strip,” said Thomas Schneider as well.

Why do people loved the city so much?

As a world travel destination, Las Vegas offers many big city conveniences that a small city can’t match. The most famous restaurants are scattered about, whatever the food can be imagined, it’s all there. In addition, the opportunities to meet celebrities and famous people on the streets are wide open. An experience like this that a small town can hardly compete with.

“ This city has many vegan-friendly restaurants. I love it, “said Ethan Renolds, who moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, four years ago.” Places like Vegeneation, Vege-way, Violette’s and Simply Pure put a variety of vegetarian dishes in Sin City into a lot of fun. , at Wynn we can also find a lot of vegan menus in all of their restaurant branches.

Sweating with celebrities? Maybe once. Because a famous figure likes to pass by in a less crowded part of the city.

“ I teach Hot Pilates at TruFusion [fitness studio], and Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriquez, and Kendra Wilkinson recently came here, ” says Reynolds. The Shops at Crystals, the shopping center at the southern end of the Strip is also a favorite of Celine Dion and Ricky Martin, who have been performing there for a long time.

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