Maintaining a security Margin When Driving in Fog


There’s without doubt that driving in foggy weather conditions are particularly challenging, using the visibility reduced the likelihood of getting any sort of accident certainly increases, especially as not every drivers drive in ways appropriate towards the prevailing conditions.

If possible your vacation ought to be postponed before the fog has lifted. However, should you have to bring your car out on the highway there are several tips which will make your trip safer.

Getting a vehicle that’s in good condition is going to be invaluable for your journey. The windshield ought to be neat and the lights should be functioning correctly. This will range from the fog lights in your car. For those who have under 100 metres visibility you will need to engage your fog lights. This not just allows you to see better, but other motor vehicles will be familiar with your presence too. Using your family lights is going to be of no help to you at the moment. They really reflect the fog and limit your visibility much more.

Among the primary hazards that happens when there’s foggy weather conditions are that cars have a tendency to follow one another a tad too close. It might be from a feeling of security they aren’t the only car on the highway or they might be driving too quickly for that conditions. There’s also the chance that they believe they are able to escape the fog sooner when they go faster. These scenarios can lead to major accidents. It is crucial that you simply keep the speed in check to ensure that in case of an abrupt stop you’ll be able to have sufficient space involving the car and also the one before you.

The environment temperature cooling less than the dew point leads to the fog. You’ll find that lots of conditions modify the density from the fog. They may be comprised of atmospheric conditions or even the terrain.

Typical times and places to expect fog are usually on cold winter mornings in low laying ground, valleys or significant dips. Since the fog can alter thickness and as a result reduce visibility very rapidly, you’ll constantly have to reflect on the circumstances and tailor your driving accordingly.

Once visibility improves to in excess of 100 metres you will have to turn your fog lamps off. It’s a driving law, and much more other drivers might be depressed by the lamps. For those who have rear fog lights you will have to turn them off, as they may be construed as the brake lights.

While foggy weather does present harder driving conditions, practicing safe driving techniques will help you yet others arrive securely at the destination.