What Kinds of Car Dealers Are There?


A lot of people might not realise that there are actually several different kinds of car dealers out there. Of course, there will be the dealerships that have countless cars lined up for you to see, but there are also car dealers that sell cars off their driveways. Generally, the car dealers out there can be categorised into three distinct categories. There are the corporate dealers, the small dealers, and the independent dealers. Each one specialises in a different area, and each one is best for purchasing a specific car in specific circumstances. If you know that you need to purchase a new car sometime soon, one of the first things you should do is check to see what kinds of car dealers are near you, and if there are ones that can help you find the car you have been looking for.

Knowing the Difference Between Car Dealers

Out of the three main types of car dealers in Canberra, there are a few things to remember about each one. Corporate dealerships are the only place where you can purchase brand-new cars that are fresh out of the factory, although you can purchase used cars at any type of dealer. Used cars will almost always be less expensive than their newer counterparts. Independent dealers are often one of the worst choices unless you are in dire need of a car, right this moment.

Corporate dealerships, as you are likely able to imagine, are dealers that carry a brand name with them to support the reputation of. More often than not, these dealerships will carry predominantly that brand of car, alongside a few used cars that you can look at and investigate. These are often the best places to purchase your car from, not only because you can purchase new cars from here, but also because these dealerships have a massive reputation to uphold, so you can expect quality service from them. These are almost always going to be the best place to purchase your new car from.

Smaller dealerships often carry several rows of used cars for you to choose from, and the reputation of these places often varies wildly. If you are planning to shop at one of these dealerships, you will need to do some thorough research to make sure that you trust spending your money in such a place. Additionally, these places usually do not offer more services, such as repairs and warranties, the same way that larger dealerships do, so you will have to factor this into where you choose to purchase your next car from.

Finally, there are independent dealers. These are people who are selling their own personal car for whatever reason they may have. These cars will often be the least expensive, but there is the most risk associated with purchasing your cars like this. For instance, there’s no guarantee that the car will be in good condition, plus finding a reputation can be much more difficult with independent dealers.

Which Car Dealer Is Best?

It can generally go without saying that if you want to have the best quality in your car, no matter if it is fresh from the factory or you are purchasing a used car, you should rely on the corporate dealerships. Not only do these places have a reputation to uphold, but they also offer other forms of service as well, ranging from repairs to warranties.