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World Tavern Poker Tour World Players

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Once a player finishes in the top three in either the regular season or the high stakes at the world tavern poker tournament, he is guaranteed a spot in the tournament’s top three. Every player starts at ten dollars and the top three finishers earn fifty dollars and up. There are also supplementary “cups” which can be played within the regular tournaments for free. These cups improve your chips and hand history and occasionally come with special prizes. There are two ways to win a cup, by playing for at least one hour or by playing for a set amount of time.

The World Tavern Poker Tour boasts some incredibly strong players who have won millions. Some of the current world players include Maxibar, Acearon, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Cates and Ray Narayan. All these players have become world-class poker players through hard work and many years of experience playing and winning against the best competition locally and internationally. 

World Tavern Poker Several Local Tournaments held in New York City

The regular season runs from April to May and features a wide variety of tournaments, both friendly and professional. There are seven regular season leagues to play in, four of which are televised. In addition to the leagues there are two fall seasons to play in as well as a holiday season. So whether you are interested in playing poker tournament action or just hanging out with friends in a tavern poker bar, you will find plenty of opportunities to do so in New York.

The highest stakes tournament series in WPT is the world series of regular and mid-season toc championships. There are seven such tournaments with an additional championship for the final round of each league. Players start by playing in a draft league, then playing against the other players of their level in regular and mid-season leagues. When the playoffs begin, there is a championship game to be played between the best two players, followed by the best three players in another tournament to determine who becomes the World Series champion.

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